• DREAM Word Play Gel Pen Set by Snifty
  • DREAM Sticky Notes Set by Dawn @Teach Sparkle Pop
  • French Lavender Wild Flower Bath Sponge by Spongelle
  • Lavender Essential Oils Sweet Dreams Spray by The Essential Apothecary
  • Catch Those Dreams Greeting Card by Dawn @Teach Sparkle Pop
  • Cute Sloth Air Freshener by Fresh Fresheners
  • Caramel Corn Gourmet Popcorn by Deanan Gourmet Popcorn
  • DREAM Sticker + Magnet Set by Dawn @Teach Sparkle Pop
  • TEACHER Die Cut Sticker by Dawn @Teach Sparkle Pop

Yay! It’s here! Your June (surprise) DREAM box is all about beautiful dreamy things for beautiful dreamy teachers! The inspiration for this box captured my heart in perfect timing to honor your dedication and hard work during a long and trying school year. You showed up day after day to teach the things and love your students. 

I thought we needed and deserved a refreshing, cheery experience of deep relaxation, dreamy feels, and beautiful pampering. It was so much fun curating this box and packing all the goodies for all my best friends: YOU.

Lots of lavender and love fill this box, and we hope you feel a summery sense of WOW and wonder as you open each beautiful item and incorporate it into your life for days to come.

Our DREAM this month was to deliver a warm and sparkly hug-in-a-box and remind you that YOU are a dream teacher and dream person.

We sincerely hope you feel adored, inspired, and valued upon opening your Teach Sparkle Pop box this June! What you accomplished this year in your classroom with your students is nothing less than magic.

DREAM Word Play Gel Pen Set

Don’t quit your day DREAM! We are obsessed with this unique and gorgeous pen set! Not only do the pens write beautifully, boast buttery soft-touch barrels, and come in super dreamy colors, but the packaging is on point! The DREAM letter clips are too clever for words! Word play in the cutest way!

These pens will surely add extra happy in your everyday writing life. We love how comfortable they feel in our hands. Perfect little teacher tools for writing your lesson plans, jotting down dreams in a journal, or making summer travel must-haves lists!

DREAM Sticky Notes Set (of 4)

I designed these DREAM sticky notes to complement our DREAM theme, and I hope you love them! Printed on Post-it Note paper, these 3 x 3 sticky notes were created especially for our June box. Scribble a reminder, bookmark a page in your lesson planner or favorite summer read, or write a fun pocket note to your child or a student.  I love the pretty purple border and fun font in matching colors to the pen set. The positive word DREAM is meant to uplift you and excite you about all your heart’s desires. Never quit your DREAMS, Girl!

French Lavender Wild Flower Bath Sponge

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa with this exquisite French Lavender Wild Flower Bath Sponge by Spongelle. When I received our shipment of these lovely lavender body buffers, I almost died of opulence overload! The Spongelle company describes this month’s pampering product like this:

"Take a walk through the French countryside while lathering in our signature blend of soothing lavender and warming amber. Pamper yourself by cleansing and massaging your skin with our hydrating bath sponge and gentle body buffer infused with the timeless allure of farm-fresh lavender. Smells like a moonlit stroll through the fields of Provence and feels like a milk bath of freshly picked lavender fragrance notes."

I can guarantee you’re going to feel renewed, refreshed and radiant after your bath or shower with Spongelle’s wildflower friend.

This isn’t just a sponge. It’s a whole vibe. We just can’t get enough of Spongelle and plan to include more of this bath time magic in future boxes!

Lavender Essential Oils Sweet Dreams Spray

We chose the Lavender Essential Oils Sweet Dreams Spray as one of your self care items this month. We think this sweet little bottle packs a generous supply of smile-inducing tranquility. The Essential Apothecary created a beautiful lavender oil spray that is as versatile as it is soothing and calming.

Spritz a little lavender directly onto your pillow right before you crawl in for a restful, dreamy night’s sleep. You can spray it right onto your skin, your bedding, or in the air for a fresh, soothing experience. Sweet, sparkly dreams, my friend.

Catch Those Dreams Greeting Card

My first greeting card creation is included in your DREAM box for June! If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE creating and designing, whether it be stickers, art prints, bookmarks, classroom resources, social media + website graphics, you name it, I literally lose myself in my little world of creative art.

I am thrilled to introduce this little dreamy greeting card. The design is inspired by a beautiful dream catcher hanging on my wall and my passion for creating and catching dreams.

Send this whimsical card to someone dreaming big, someone you believe in, someone who needs your encouragement to never quit on their dreams. Go get ‘em.

Cute Sloth Air Freshener

How adorable is this sloth-drinking-a-coffee-chillin’-like-a-villain jasmine scented air freshener! I discovered it and had to round it up for our June box.

The little cutie looks like he’s feelin’ dreamy and lazy, hangin’ there from my rear view mirror. Hang it anywhere that needs a little freshening up.

Deanan Gourmet Caramel Popcorn

Our treat for this month is something sweet and crunchy! Deanan’s Gourmet Caramel Popcorn is the perfect little summer treat to take on the go this summer. A whole grain snack that’s mmm, mmm good! I like how Deanan’s describes it:

"Our flagship Caramel Corn made with our giant mushroom popcorn kernels are all tumbled together in our old-fashioned caramel coating. We use only the best ingredients like real butter and brown sugar, no skimping on this classic."

This Texas brand is a proud woman-owned business founded in 1979 just after Lt. Col. Dean Alexander retired from the United States Air Force. Check them out on Instagram: @deananpop

DREAM Sticker + Magnet Set

Our DREAM die cut sticker and magnet are making smiles extra starry this month! The cloud and watercolor design make me feel like my head and heart are up in the clouds just for a moment.

Printed on high-quality vinyl that won’t fade, stick them anywhere you need an extra mood boost or a reminder to focus on your dreams and what makes your heart reach for the sky.

On a side note, the size of the magnet turned out as a little whoops! In other words, they came out smaller than intended. We think they’re kinda cute in mini form this time around. With that being said, I decided to add a bonus sticker! See below.

TEACHER Die Cut Sticker

Our TEACHER sticker is a bonus sticker this month! Since our DREAM magnet turned out smaller than planned, we thought we’d throw in our retro flower TEACHER sticker, perfect for summer vibes.

Die cut, fadeless, waterproof, and easy-to-peel…stick this cutie anywhere and show your TEACHER pride. It’s the good vibes font and pastel colors for me!

So, my favorite sparkly friends, as always, I hope you love your box and that all the happy, “teacher-y” things packed inside help you TEACH your heart out, SPARKLE your classroom, and POP your life!

Big love, APPRECIATION, and pride for you, bye for now, and stay sparkly, always.



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