Hello friend!

Hi! My name is Dawn. I’m a 4th grade teacher, mom, wife and the happy, sparkly soul behind Teach Sparkle Pop LLC, a monthly subscription box company and community serving and delighting teachers across America!

I am personally here as your reliable girlfriend backup when or if you need it as you navigate this beautiful, messy teacher life. 

It’s so nice to meet you! I’m excited you’re here!

God bless you and cheers to you, Teacher… I hope I can help you teach your heart out, sparkle your classroom, and pop your life!

Love, hugs & sparkles -D

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    I’ve been a teacher almost my whole adult life and have loved all the days, months and years in my home away from home: my classroom. I’ve taught 2nd grade through 7th (ELA) and currently teach 4th grade in SE Wisconsin. My childhood and young adult life prepared me well for teaching and impacting big little minds and hearts. :)

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    I’m an eternal optimist, teacher, creator, boy-mom, dog-mom, and wife of a (now retired) police sergeant. I think of myself as multi-passionate, daring and driven, and wildly obsessed with all things pink, sparkly, and beautiful. I’m also mad about polka dots, daisies, sunshine, baby animals, laughter and learning.

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    I grew up the middle daughter in a crazy, colorful show-business family. Needless to say, life has never been without wonder, sparkle, adventure, and change! You might even say “coordinated chaos with endless love.” We were always taught to chase our big dreams, let faith lead, lift others up, and work hard with passion.

My mission in mind: to inspire, honor, and uplift teacher-lives!

I like to think I’m doing just that both in and outside of the classroom. 

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My background in theater, music, and dance brings a special energy and unique approach to my classroom, and I believe makes this impossible job continue to be a source of fun and fulfillment.

My love for teaching, learning, and creating led me to starting my own business! As schools shut down in March of 2020, the timing to launch was important because I knew firsthand how teachers were struggling when the impact of the pandemic first hit. I wanted to inspire teachers to take care of themselves and to protect their joy. I wanted to help them build confidence, hope, and happiness in and out the classroom. My mission was simple: help teachers TEACH their hearts out, SPARKLE their classrooms, and POP their lives. Simply put, it was on my heart to honor, encourage, and celebrate teachers across America. My goal was to curate beautiful, themed care packages, deliver happy mail each month that felt like a hug in a box, create pretty little resources that would brighten classrooms and teacher lives, and build an awesome teacher community. So, with a whole lotta coffee, sleepless nights, and Jesus, Teach Sparkle Pop launched to an amazing bunch of  founding sparklers! 

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