• Daisy Chains Soap Bar by the Little Bubble
    • Daisy Darling Pouch by Taylor Elliott Designs
    • Daisy Rhinestone Necklace by Avenue Zoe OR Tassel Flower Necklace by Perimade & Co.
    • 3 Daisies Die Cut Sticker Pack by Dawn @Teach Sparkle Pop
    • HAVE A GOOD DAISY Die Cut Sticker by Teach Sparkle Pop
    • Oversized Handmade Beaded Bookmark by Dawn @Teach Sparkle Pop
    • Surprise Treat: Daisy Twinkle Pop Lollipop by Sparko Sweets
    • QR Code to Secret Library Access (for Exclusive Resources)

    Hey, Lazy Daisy! How’s your hot teacher summer going? Hopefully, you’re getting just the right doses of sun, fun, learning, and leisure. While you relish the remaining weeks of summer, we hope your Lazy Daisy box gives you all sorts of flowery smiles and an uplifted spirit. 

    This month’s box is all daisy and darling: happy, pretty things to show you just how much you’re cherished. The inspiration for this box came easily! Daisies are one of my birth flowers, and I’m basically obsessed with all things daisy.

    Each carefully hand-picked item was chosen to awaken your inner flower child. We imagined you breathing in soothing, fresh, daisy smells, delighting in a sweet treat, and glowing wearing your new, shimmery bling. Let it be a little reminder to never let anyone dull your sparkle.

    Enjoy your little box of happiness and know that every box was lovingly hand-packed with you in mind! Happy August + have a good daisy!


    If you’ve been around for a while, then you know I adore handmade soaps created by small-batch makers and artisans. I don’t know if it’s the fact that the ingredients are so pure and natural and beautiful, or that handmade soaps always smell so extra fragrant and amazing (hello, aromatherapy), or that it’s so good for your skin. Whatever it is, I love to include pretty soaps in our boxes for teachers, and I hope you do, too.

    For me, it’s a gesture of love from my heart to yours. Take time to wash away the day’s stress with this lovely Daisy Chains Soap Bar of coconut, shea butter, hemp oil, vitamin E, other natural ingredients and a pinch of body glitter. The fresh scent is a blend of floral jasmine, lily of the valley, and carnation. Yes, please!


    The Daisy Darling Pouch by Taylor Elliott Designs is literally the perfect summer accessory for beach tote organization, classroom supplies (think charging cords or your favorite pens and pencils), lip balm, cash, snacks, and more! This roomy pouch is a great size and keeps all your loose items organized.

    The minty green and yellow hues and sweet daisy design had me from the jump! I love this zipper pouch and the fun little charms attached. I wonder what you’ll stash in your Daisy Darling Pouch?


    Due to vendor inventory levels, we had to order two different necklaces for our boxes this month. They’re both so pretty, and we can’t decide which one we like best! They each have unique and gorgeous features that make them fancy, stylish pieces for any outfit.

    The Daisy Rhinestones Necklace by Avenue Zoe, is a delicate chain of 5 sparkly, miniature daisies with rhinestone centers, set in shiny, gold-plated zinc and brass. I love how dainty the flowers are and how they sparkle in the light. 

    The other necklace is the Daisy Tassel Flower Necklace, by Perimade & Co. It also features hypo-allergenic gold-plating (over titanium steel) and its design is so pretty and unusual! I love the single daisy with the curved bar that moves up and down the gold chain, and the little drop feature is a nice touch.



    We love our stickers, right? Our Lazy Daisy box does not disappoint in the sticker department this month! It includes a 3-pack of smiley daisy stickers that’ll look so cute on your laptop or coffee tumbler and our custom-designed Have a Good Daisy sticker! A perfect gift for someone you love or for yourself! Either way, this happy little sticker makes for super-size smiles!



    Um, excuse me, can I even begin to explain sufficiently how much I loved making these oversized, beaded bookmarks for you? The design inspiration came from the Daisy Darling Pouch!

    I love the mint green and yellow daisy pattern. The embellishments are just because I’m extra! I hope you like your one-of-a-kind bookmark since each one has subtle and not-so-subtle differences. All were crafted with love.

    Some bookmarks have silicone beads, others with wooden beads, accent beads, or bows. The messaging, “READ + LOVE LIFE” is a simple encouragement from one teacher friend to another.

    Try to read a few pages or a few chapters a day of something good just for you and always, always…LOVE YOUR LIFE. I’d love to know what you’re reading. Send me a note! And send me a photo of your bookmark sticking out of your book–that would be nice.


    Surprise! At the last minute, I decided to include a Daisy Twinkle Pop Lollipop in each box! I wasn’t going to include a treat this month due to the excessive heat around the country, but how could I resist these adorable daisy lollipops? I just couldn’t! They add a little sugar to sweeten your day, and I felt like they were kind of the “icing on the cake.” I hope they arrived intact and didn’t melt on the way.

    Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California, the lollipop daisy is gluten free, tree nut free, dairy free, and vegan and comes in six colors and six flavors: pink (watermelon), red (cherry), yellow (peach), green (green apple), purple (grape), blue (blue raspberry)! Yum!


    I’m so excited about this month’s exclusive resources inside our secret library! I’ve created a huge Google Slides Set of 70+ slides! It’s called the Varsity Floral Collection! Just use the QR code inside your box and sparkle over to our secret library of amazing resources!

    So, my favorite crazy, daisy friends…like my heart always hopes, my wish is that you love your box and that all the goodies nestled inside help you TEACH your heart out, SPARKLE your classroom, and POP your life!

    Big flowery love to you. Bye for now, and stay sparkly, always.

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