March Box: Boho Rainbow

WORD PLAY TEACH PEN SET Have fun and get stuff done! Beautifully packaged and gorgeously assembled, these TEACH pens are perfect for writing letters, grading papers, composing poems, writing out your dreams, and more.

The happiest little accessories to any teacher life. We can’t believe how perfect the color palette fits with our Boho Rainbow theme this month! Thank you Snifty Pen Company! These doodlers are amazing!

HAND-WOVEN BOHO RAINBOW TASSEL KEYCHAIN This Hand-Woven Boho Rainbow Tassel Keychain with a mix of pink, periwinkle, and sparkly gold accents is especially perfect for teachers. Its unique design and pretty pastel colors make it a fun and playful accessory for your teacher bag or key ring that'll brighten up your day.

The keychain is not only stylish but also functional, making it a great way for teachers to keep their keys organized and easily identifiable. Plus, its boho-inspired design is super eye-catching and adorable! Whether given as a gift or purchased for yourself, this Hand-Woven Boho Rainbow Tassel Keychain is an excellent choice for any teacher who wants to add a touch of color and personality to their daily routine.

KIND LIPS BUBBLEGUM LIP BALM POP open your childhood favorite, Bubble Gum! Filled with all natural sweet and fruity flavors to keep our lips smacking smooth! Kind Lips is made with only the best natural ingredients, and this yummy lip balm provides deep hydration and protection, leaving lips feeling soft and smooth all day long.

Fun fact! Did you know that Kind Lips gives back, too? They believe it’s not only our lips that need to be cared for, but the people around us, too! 20% of their profits are donated to end bullying. Their hope is that every time you apply Kind Lips you’ll remember to #SaySomethingKind.

WE BELONG MOTIVATIONAL STICKERS Carson Dellosa's We Belong Motivational Shape Stickers are sooooo cute and include 72 stickers to inspire students to keep up the good work year-round. This pack of reward stickers includes 6 sheets with 12 stickers per sheet, that feature inspirational quotes such as "Amazing Work", "You've Got This!", and "So Proud of You", and more to uplift and motivate students all year long.

“100 THINGS TO DO ON TOUGH DAYS” BOOK Introducing "100 Things To Do On Tough Days," a little book, with big energy specifically designed for teachers to help them overcome challenging days. The book features a vibrant boho rainbow cover and colorful art throughout, creating an uplifting and positive mood.

Inside, you'll find 100 practical and actionable ideas that will help you destress, relax, and recharge. From simple self-care practices like going to a yoga class or reading inspiring poetry to more involved activities like starting a gratitude journal or having an at-home spa day, each idea is designed to help you feel more centered and balanced.

Whether you're dealing with a difficult student, a demanding parent, or just a long day, "100 Things To Do On Tough Days" is the perfect, pocket-size resource for teachers who want to boost their self care. It's a heart-felt gift for new teachers or seasoned educators to bring an extra dose of joy and positivity to their life.

Experience the power of positivity with "100 Things To Do On Tough Days," and discover how even the toughest days can be overcome with a little self-love and mindfulness. Written and designed by A Dose of Reminders from the U.K (Instagram: @adoseofreminders)

LEMON COCONUT ENERGY BITES Look no further for the perfect snack, teacher friend - everything you need in one BITE! These delicious energy bites are packed with healthy fats, fiber, and protein, making them a convenient, healthy, on-the-go snack! These bites of lemony goodness contain clean, balanced ingredients that sustain blood sugar levels and leave you feeling great all day. Yes, please!

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